What is the difference between forthcoming and coming soon?

Forthcoming is a book that will arrive in due time, it is still in the creation stage. A book labeled "coming soon" means it is has been fully completed, edited, and sent off to the printers; it has a scheduled delivery date for the final and finished product!


I want to be published through Coastal West, what are my first steps? 

Great! Do you have an idea, a started manuscript, or a completed manuscript? Send us a query, we would love to hear from you! Our submission guidelines can be found here. By following these guidelines you help us evaluate the project and ensure that we are the proper fit for your work! Remember, we are a nonfiction publishing house.

Where can I find out more about the author?

Many of our authors have a website or webpage that they want you to see. In addition, if you haven't yet, check the back of the book - you may find their email. Alternatively, you can submit it through our Contact Us page and we will direct it to the appropriate author.

Do I need an agent?

Definitely not, and preferably not! We want to work with you, the author! Publishing your work involves a lot of detail. Accepted authors will be assigned a contact at Coastal West Publishing that is responsible in ensuring that you, the author, and us the publisher, are both satisfied and proud of the final book!

Will I receive money for delivering the manuscript?

Please do not expect an advance. We offer some of the highest royalty rates in the business along with a few other perks we think you will be excited about. 

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